Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Bird Cage

I really need to post more often...I've been meaning to share this creation from my last floral design class for almost 2 weeks. The class is over now :( It was an enormous amount of fun and more inspiring than I imagined it would be!

I have had this birdcage hanging about for over a year and figured if I was going to make an arrangement in it that I'd better do it while I still had an instructor to pester should it all go horribly wrong! And yes, it's a crazy mish-mash of many elements. Again, I wish my pictures were better.

In other news, I delivered 2 commissioned arrangements this week which was very exciting for me! Both customers seemed very pleased and one asked for business cards to give to her friends who she was sure would want new arrangements of their own!!!

I probably worry too much when making commissioned pieces...there's always the fear that the customer will hate the arrangement. It hasn't happened yet, thankfully, probably because I ask A LOT of questions up front to make sure I understand what they are looking for. Still, you never know....

I joined the Spring Fling Swap hosted by Rebecca & Lucy at Sweet Goodness Swaps and just found out that my swap friend is Heidi. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should!
I confess that I have lurked on her blog many times in the past and am delighted she is my swap buddy! Lucy has a sense of humor to pair a knitiot (that would be me) with the Spiritual Knitter herself...oh, the irony! Heidi, rest assured that I won't knit anything for this juncture whatever I attempt to make turns out looking like mangled kitty toys :) But, I'm learning!

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Blogger Lucy said...

Life is ironic, isn't?? LOL Heidi is a great swap partner, she was my "first" bloggity ville. You both will compliment eachother with the swap so enjoy!

I really like your birdcage, the colors burst from the cage as they should in your design. :)

Keep up the floralathon, love seeing your work :)


4/2/07, 8:52 PM  
Blogger MH said...

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4/27/08, 6:47 AM  

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