Friday, October 13, 2006

Inner Child at Play!

Paint fascinates me. And it's cheap therapy! The best part is that it lets my inner child come out to play..... something that I should let happen more often!

At right is a Halloween bird house that I made for my Mom several years ago. She likes it so much that it is on permanent display year round on top of a bookcase in the family room!

It's hard to see in this photo but the yellow background is actually crackled and the roof is a dark teal stipple on a black background. This project was truly created from the ground up... I had to make the bird house myself in order to get the lop-sided roof effect. Luckily, I'm not shy about breaking out the power tools!

On the left is a picture of my current work in progress, the Farmer's Market Harvest Plate. Much remains to be done, but at least it is starting to look like something! The light gray areas will be 3 ears of corn and a gray tabby cat.

I'm about to get started on contouring the pumpkins. Lucy will understand when I say I hope they don't turn out looking like tomatoes!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The plate is looking good! Crossing fingers and toes that you don't go the tomato route ;). I'm impressed with the bird house, too...YOU MADE THAT??
I can understand why Mom has it on display year round! Very nice job. I wish I had talents in wood working. Not that I need anymore projects at this point!


10/14/06, 3:55 PM  

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