Friday, October 06, 2006

Imaginary Fronds?

Grecian Urn with Golden Ranunculus
Imaginary Fronds is my dream of opening a Silk Floral/Gift store in my current hometown in North Carolina. I am very much in the planning stage at the moment as my day job (which pays the bills) interferes with the time I need to create items for sale. Also, the price to lease retail space in this town is a bit high. Okay, so I want to be downtown...window shoppers and tourists need to be able to see me from the main thoroughfare! Obviously, that costs more. In the meantime, my basement rec room is jammed full of silk stems and sundry other craft materials to the point of being ridiculous. The item to the left is just one sample of my floral design & is probably my favorite one I've created so far. CornucopeiaOn the right is my cornucopeia...for some reason, I enjoy making the Autumn pieces the most. It's almost painful to me to switch over to Christmas creations because my favorite season is Fall. I love October, falling leaves, harvest themes and just about anything to do with Halloween!

For now, my hair stylist lets me display and sell my wares in his salon at no cost. I've sold a half dozen pieces this year and am starting to get calls for custom pieces from women who have seen and like my work. Yippee!

I also enjoy painting decorative woodcrafts. My current work in progress is a 14" Harvest Plate (actually 2... 1 to keep & 1 to sell). The design is not my own but is still very cute...harvest fruits & veggies with a gray tabby cat in the middle. I'll put up pictures soon!



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