Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm a Knitiot :(

I don't mean a knitiot in the happy "hey look at what I made" sorta way. Just try saying "I'm a knitiot" a few times fast and you'll find the true self-evaluation of my latest crafty undertaking. Silly me decided to learn how to knit and I know it's not something to be mastered overnight but...JEEZ LOUISE! I AM an idiot at knitting. I'm sure a kindergartener could do better than what I've been churning out! And I haven't even begun to purl yet. OMG, I can't even think about purl yet!! My head might explode.

Fortunately, my Mom is an excellent knitter and she is offering her knitty wit and wisdom to me. Okay, maybe not so much wit, more like sarcasm as she watches her daughter massacre a skein of yarn. Or, in my own the case of an emergency I'd be able to make something to keep me warm but it sure would be FUGLY!

Please tell me that this gets easier!!!!!!! I'm going to need a ton of encouragement to keep on knitting.

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Blogger Sarah and Jack said...

I am not much help since I cannot do it either!

2/27/07, 9:11 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

I'll make you feel better and bring some of my "creations" to work soon. If nothing else, you'll probably get a good laugh out of them!

2/27/07, 9:37 PM  

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