Saturday, December 23, 2006


Be careful what you ask for!
For Christmas, Mom asked for a customized mousepad featuring the Divine Felines...well, after much fiddling in Print Shop & Photoshop Elements, Kitties In Space!!! was born :)

I found a really neat customizable micro-thin mousepad at Staples that accomodates a 4x6 photo. The best part is that you simply slip the photo into it and you can change it whenever you want! I suspect that more random mousepad silliness lurks on the horizon... Perhaps the photo will change with the season?

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Blogger Shirlee said...

That is just too cute. I'll have to look for those mousepads at Staples, what a great gift idea.

Merry Christmas :)

12/24/06, 7:54 PM  

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