Thursday, November 23, 2006

Escape from the Project from Hell!

Three weeks ago, I promised pictures of the Project from Hell when it was completed. I estimated it would take me a week. So much for my estimating capabilities!!! Anyway, it's as finished as it's ever going to be (unless I win the lotto in which case I will have a custom built studio added on to the house and a hired helper to keep it all neat and clean!! ) Since there's always a project (or 4) in process, it will never stay 100% organized.

Let's take a tour of the "studio!"

Starting on the left is the rolling organizer which contains all my scrapbooking supplies. I have buckets mounted on 2 walls to hold floral stems...2 buckets on this wall, 4 on the other with additional containers below them on a chest (see "Project from Hell, Part Deux"). My etagere and shelves are overflowing with a variety of floral containers. I am not allowed to buy any more containers until I use some of the others! Please be sure to remind my evil other self of that rule if you see her anywhere near container retailers ;)

The rolling cart in the photo on the right stores all my painting supplies.

And here's a shot of the gigantic craft table which doesn't look nearly as gigantic with stuff stacked on it. It's bigger than it looks and I have plenty of space for my 90 gazillion projects. Maybe now I will get something done once in awhile??? LOL

(Lucy, I know you're laughing with me, not at me, right? :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great!! I wanna come over and play in the studio! Great job, now don't you feel better and less stressed??? I would only laugh because you and I are so much alike in the project arena and the wanna do list! I hope to make some headway this weekend on that gazillion list of my own. Thanks for giving us a tour!


11/23/06, 11:29 PM  
Blogger shirlee said...

Wow, that's one heck of a studio. You're so lucky to have a designated space. I did an "ack" when you pointed out the buckets for the floral stems. I used to work at Michaels (before we moved) and florals were in my department. Those floral caused me such grief when it came time to put the returns or the 'awol' stems back in their buckets. I could never find where they were supposed to go.
ps. thanks for stopping by my blog and the link :)

11/24/06, 5:04 PM  
Blogger little lovelies said...

Looks good! Of course work stations always do before we start working, right? ;)

1/13/07, 6:43 PM  

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