Sunday, October 22, 2006

Project from Hell

We've all had those "projects from Hell." Well, I'm embroiled in one right now...creating my new crafting space. For normal people, this would involve setting up a work table, organizing some craft caddies or drawer space and, after a few hours, those normal people would be able to sit down and start creating wonderful things. I, being the ultimate procrastinator, have let crap pile up for eons, to the point where I couldn't find anything, let alone find a space to work. Thus, I find myself in Hell.

I am lucky enough to have a huge refinished basement rec room, half of which is supposed to be my home theater (surround sound, large couch, big pillow) to relax in. Needless to say, I haven't seen the couch in at least a year because it has been covered with craft supplies. The other half is my craft area which has been so messy that I cart my supplies upstairs to the kitchen or family room to work on whatever I'm creating. Of course, that means I have to cart them back downstairs again when done for the day. Otherwise the whole house would be one big messy craft area and we can't have that! It's been a big hassle to do anything.

Today I found the couch and confirmed its existence. Now the couch probably doesn't care but I was terribly excited that I made that much progress. I still have a way to go but at least I have forward motion and a small sense of accomplishment. Perhaps I'm only half in Hell now! And maybe in a week (or two) I'll be able to start working on my crafts on a regular basis :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still say you need to take before and after pics (even though you started your project from he$$)! Not that I'm organized or anything, but when I get that inkling....I feel much more motivated with clean and clear space to let my craftivities flow.

Keep plugging away (I'll be waiting patiently for the pictures).


10/24/06, 9:35 PM  

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