Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ghoulies & Ghosties & Long-Leggedy Beasties

Today I completed my annual pumpkin carving ritual....2 days before Halloween...that must be a record of some sort for me. Usually, I'm cussing at myself because it's the night before Halloween and my Jack-o-Lantern is still faceless. But, no matter what, pumpkin carving is a required event at my house!

The big question is usually what to carve. This year I opted for my old standby, the cat! I've tried using the Pumpkins Masters kit and patterns but find that good old-fashioned free-style carving almost always turns out better. The Pumpkin Masters designs are cool but are a bit too intricate for my taste and take waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to complete.

Here is picture of my pumpkin helper----->
This is my sweet little baby, Hercules (aka Herkie or the Herk-Monster). He is a 7 month old Snowshoe kitten that loves to "help" me with whatever I'm doing. He was a little disgruntled when I took this picture because I wouldn't let him outside to help light the pumpkin.

I have 2 other kitties in residence....Zeus (the Abyssinian) is my Mom's cat and Isis (the Lynx Point Siamese rescue kitty) is half mine, half Mom's. She says that whichever part of Isis is being bad then that's my half! She swears that all 3 of the cats are perfectly behaved until I arrive home and turn on the "you can be bad now" sign when I walk in the door. Actually, they spend a good part of the day sleeping and my arrival is the signal that it's time to get up and play!

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Blogger shirlee said...

What an adorable kitty. I've never heard of a Snowshoe. I have two cats myself and can't imagine life without a cat. I'm jealous that you have an Abyssinian, they're gorgeous. :)

11/21/06, 6:59 PM  

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