Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Whimsy

I acquired a new Christmas decoration this year....the Christmas alligator! Isn't she darling in her red high heels and pink bows? I couldn't resist this bit of whimsy to add to the traditional decorations around the house! She's up on the mantle in the family room by herself because she simply doesn't coordinate with anything else we have. Next year I'll have to work out an Alligator Winter Wonderland for her! :)



Blogger Shirlee said...

Oh my, that is wickedly cute. A true conversation piece.
After seeing your adopted llama, I popped over to the site and adopted myself a monkey. Well I showed my son the site and he adopted a wolf and called her Mya. Anywhos, he wanted me to tell how much he loves the cyber pet site and thanks for having it on your blog. He visits her everyday and feeds her and the monkey since for some reason the bananas don't show up on my blog. Sorry for the long comment but he's been pestering me about making sure I tell you.
So, did ya name the gator?

12/20/06, 1:02 AM  
Blogger Mizfixit said...

I'm partial to Abigail Alligator!

I'm glad your son is enjoying the cyber pet site. I thought it was too cute to pass up! As soon as I saw the llama, it was all over :)

12/21/06, 10:28 PM  

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