Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kitty Alarm Clocks

"The best laid plans of mice & men, often go awry."
(Adapted from a line in “To a Mouse,” by Robert Burns: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men , Gang aft a-gley.”)

So much for sleeping in this weekend. The Kitty Alarm Clocks went off at 6:45 on Saturday, and 7:00 today. Yesterday, I would have ignored them but I did need to drop Katie (my dog) off at the groomer by 8:00. For making sure I didn't oversleep, they were warmly praised! What good kitties they were!

This morning........I could have killed them. At 7:00 precisely, I was awakened by the sound of Hercules & Isis knocking over my bedroom lamp and breaking the light bulb inside of it. Ugh. Glass everywhere. Of course, they looked at me with big, round, innocent eyes when I loudly announced, "I am NOT amused." What bad kitties they are!

At least I made use of the extra time so lovingly granted to me by the Divine Felines. After I dropped off Katie yesterday, I indulged myself with a bit of photography. The morning light was too perfect to ignore! Here's a sampling of what I saw:

The Southern Pines train station.....renovated by the town about a year ago. Lovely to look at, hard to photograph! The train track runs right through the middle of town. Broad Street, the main thoroughfare and home to many eclectic boutiques, runs parallel to the tracks (on both sides - one way in each direction).

The Christmas display in the window of A Wild Hare, one of my favorite gift shops in the downtown area.

Our new Christmas wreaths that decorate the lamp posts up & down Broad Street. The lamp posts, also new this year, have an old-timey gaslight look to them and really complement the atmosphere of downtown Southern Pines. And the new wreaths are a HUGE improvement over the old ones which were too ugly to describe!

I liked the way the light played on the branches of this towering old sycamore tree. I'm always fascinated by how quickly the light changes when taking photographs. I took 9 or 10 pictures of this tree, mostly from this very same angle, over a period of 2 to 3 minutes and no two of them are exactly alike. This was the very last one I shot and it turned out to be the best. Also, this scaled down image does not do this picture really looks much better as an 8x10!

Two more shots of Broad is so peaceful downtown when no one else is around!

This morning, after the great broken light bulb caper, I decided to put together 2 floral creations. I had a special dispensation from Lucy to purchase silk poinsettias and other sundries to make Christmas arrangements for work. I even came in under budget, although not by much! ;)

I hope everyone at work likes our 2 new reindeer friends....

It's hard to see but the baskets are grapevines twisted into the shape of reindeer, spray painted gold and then given a dusting of snowy glitter. The antlers are really the best part...all those twigs jutting up. Very cute effect!

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Blogger Lucy said...

Hey Mentee, Love the pics....I want to share a link to them on my next post, if you don't mind. You are a wonderful photographer! I think both of us are in the wrong business...heehee. Speaking of which, I know I love the arrangement,s you did a terrific job on your "assignment", I'm sure the rest of the crew will love em too. Well, I'm up too late jazzed up on coffee to make it through my decorating and cooking with that said, see ya in the morning!


12/3/06, 11:53 PM  
Blogger shirlee said...

I love the look of your "downtown", it reminds me of my little town but on a much larger scale. We don't have much in the way of nice gift shops.
The reindeer are adorable, especially the antlers.
Love the wanted poster of the three feline banditos. My two never wake me up. They patiently wait until they see me out of bed then the wailing begins for breakie. They even stand outside the bathroom door. Sheesh, give a girl some privacy.

12/4/06, 11:17 PM  

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