Monday, January 15, 2007

Really, I'm not a freak!

Oh Lord, I've been tagged by Shirlee at Big Blue Sky to reveal 6 weird things about myself....uh, um, er....okay!

1) At the dinner table, nothing can be pointing at me or crowding me or out of balance. I will rearrange things on the table until the perfect balance is found. This drives my family crazy. For some reason, I don't have this problem in restaurants, only at home.

2) For the last 10 years, I have made it a point not to step aside when walking down a store aisle if the person walking toward me is younger than me. I got tired of stepping out of the way for rude clueless teeny-boppers. Also, if I'm walking next to someone else in a store aisle and I decide to step out of the way for someone older, I cannot be on the left side and behind the person I'm shopping with. It's got to be the right side. I wound up on the left not to long ago and it weirded me out.

3) I sometimes catch myself counting things...number of steps taken from the car to the store, number of stairs climbed, number of cracks in the sidewalk, etc. This is probably an occupational side effect. I count money for a living, one bill at a time.

4) I rescue spiders every chance I get. There are only 2 exceptions to this rule: Black widows & brown recluses.

5) Speaking of bugs....I am fascinated by most bugs with the exception of ticks, fleas, gnats & mosquitos. Those little suckers deserve whatever I do to them. I used to pop into the local Waldenbooks to look up interesting new bugs in a bug reference book. It got to the point where it was embarrassing. The employees all knew why I was there. I broke down and bought the bug book.

6) I am terrified of tornadoes. I have never seen one and hope I never do. Bring on the hurricanes, nasty thunderstorms, hail, blizzards, whatever! Just please no tornadoes. I've had a number of nightmares about being in the path of a tornado. Shadows from a former life maybe????

I'm supposed to tag 6 people now...most everyone I visit in bloggyville has done this meme, so if you're reading this, TAG!!! How weird are you?? LOL

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Blogger Shirlee said...

I've caught myself doing the counting things too. Maybe it is an occupational hazard because I've worked in both a bank and accounting firm.
It's hard to tag six people. I don't think I did. But it makes for a fun and interesting read. :)

1/19/07, 1:14 PM  

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