Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summertime...and a New Creative Obsession! & yellow. Now where might I have found the inspiration for this color scheme in a floral arrangement? The wise swap mavens over at Sweet Goodness Swaps had the right idea...seems that orange & yellow ARE the hot colors for this summer. Although I'm sitting out this time during their Summer swap, I'll be eagerly watching from the sidelines to see all the lovely creations and goodies!

And...I had another sale!!! Yippee!!!! You might remember the Morning Glory Madness arrangement that I made during my floral classes in February. All these sales...well, all 3 of them anyway... are encouraging. I'm thrilled that people like my arrangements enough to buy them. At the very least, it helps motivate me to create and keeps the dream of my own little shop, "Imaginary Fronds", alive and well. I've been looking around for other things to create, other than florals, to add to the appeal and allure of that future shop. Which brings me to my next creative obsession..............

Jewelry making! My Mom pointed out a beading magazine in the store a few weeks back and the next thing you know, I am HOOKED. Lucy even caught me red-handed at Michael's stuffing my shopping basket with beads and all kinds of supplies to start myself down the path of jewelry making. Here's a picture of my first creation which is not entirely finished. I wasn't smart enough to buy 2 of the same toggle (and it was sold out when I went back) so the necklace remains unfinished until the store restocks the toggle.

So far, I have learned 4 things about making jewelry. First off, don't string your beads too tight. I wound up having to re-string the bracelet.

Secondly, Michael's charges way too much for their beading supplies (duh!) and I now have several catalogs with far more economical prices on their way to me. I mentioned earlier....make sure you buy enough stuff to finish a project unless you want to be disappointed.

And last, but not least, be sure to lay out your jewelry perfectly before photographing it! You can't see all the danglies in this picture but you get the idea :)

It is my own design, crafted from turquoise beads, 2 different colors of Swarovski bicone crystals and sterling silver beads and findings. Please, please, please give me feedback on this set!

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Blogger Heidi said...

Congrats on your sale! I'm having fun with the orange/yellow swap. I don't do jewelry making but your set looks really cool. I wouldn't normally think crystal and turquoise go together, but it looks nice there. I, for one, don't like matchy sets of jewelry, but most people do, I guess. Enjoy your new hobby!

7/4/07, 5:34 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

First off--congrats, congrats, congrats!! You're creations are wonderful and I'm glad you have a platform to sell them from. I think your first project is just wonderful on the jewelry making front!! Clap clap clap!! Can't wait to see more. I will have to let you borrow the book I just got as it has many tips and inspiring projects.

LOL--on being busted at Michael's. I should have stayed on ya and maybe your pocketbook would have been heavier, but what fun would that have been??

The thing about yellow and orange---you can really carry it into the falls so it does have a great appeal as far as design elements go. Thanks for the mention, and please do join our next swap! :)


7/12/07, 11:36 PM  

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