Thursday, November 23, 2006

Escape from the Project from Hell!

Three weeks ago, I promised pictures of the Project from Hell when it was completed. I estimated it would take me a week. So much for my estimating capabilities!!! Anyway, it's as finished as it's ever going to be (unless I win the lotto in which case I will have a custom built studio added on to the house and a hired helper to keep it all neat and clean!! ) Since there's always a project (or 4) in process, it will never stay 100% organized.

Let's take a tour of the "studio!"

Starting on the left is the rolling organizer which contains all my scrapbooking supplies. I have buckets mounted on 2 walls to hold floral stems...2 buckets on this wall, 4 on the other with additional containers below them on a chest (see "Project from Hell, Part Deux"). My etagere and shelves are overflowing with a variety of floral containers. I am not allowed to buy any more containers until I use some of the others! Please be sure to remind my evil other self of that rule if you see her anywhere near container retailers ;)

The rolling cart in the photo on the right stores all my painting supplies.

And here's a shot of the gigantic craft table which doesn't look nearly as gigantic with stuff stacked on it. It's bigger than it looks and I have plenty of space for my 90 gazillion projects. Maybe now I will get something done once in awhile??? LOL

(Lucy, I know you're laughing with me, not at me, right? :)


Let Freedom Ring...

It is Thanksgiving Day and I am unable to count my blessings......I am truly fortunate that they are many. And I am grateful for all of them. But there is one that stands out, one that means a great deal to me...
It is freedom that allows me to have most of my other blessings. It is freedom that brought my grandparents to this country and gave them the opportunity to build and live their lives the way that they wanted. It is freedom that greets me every morning and escorts me through the day.
I am an American. I can choose. I can speak out without fear. And I can hold my head high and be proud of my country...a country that aids anyone in need anywhere in the world, usually on short notice; a country that isn't afraid to stand alone because it is the right thing to do; a country that makes the hard choices that no one else will make.
God Bless America & God Bless Our Troops


Friday, November 17, 2006

Chez Mizfixit

Last Monday, I did the unthinkable...I actually cooked! And people ate the meal...and lived to see another dawn...and even said it was good!

Why is this worthy of a post? Well...I don't cook. I hate to cook. The mere thought of cooking renders me into a quivering mass of Jello. If it can't be popped in the microwave, forget it! My family jokes that in order for me to claim that I cooked, I must apply heat to a pan. The only reason this event transpired is because my aunt & uncle came for a visit. Someone mentioned pork chops and Mom volunteered me to cook them.

Here's how it went.......
I shopped for my ingredients:
Boneless pork loin chops, fresh garlic, fresh ginger & reduced sodium soy sauce.
I prepared the marinade:
Peel & thinly slice the fresh garlic & fresh ginger, placing slices on top of the chops, pour soy sauce over chops and fill the marinade dish until just below the top of the chops. Wait 5-6 hours.
I cooked the chops:
Broil the chops until done, scrape the garlic & ginger off, serve!

We had fresh asparagus, rolls and Turning Leaf Reserve Riesling with the chops. YUM!

A variation on this recipe (for those who like a little zing) is to add thinly sliced jalapenos to the top of the chops when preparing the marinade. Also yummy!

This unnamed recipe is what's left of an ex-boyfriend I had many moons ago while at grad school in Phoenix. My uncle was very amused when I told him I kept the recipe and ditched the boyfriend. Hey, maybe after 18 years I should name the recipe? Hmmmmmmm....whaddya think? Better than the Boyfriend Chops? Kicked him to the Curb Chops? Who's Sorry Now Chops?


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Runs with Scissors

(stay inside the lines...the lines are our friends...yeah, right! MU-WA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

After being recently admonished about any further forays into Michaels, my evil other self set out to find a way to get more stuff without visiting my usual haunts!

Result? Having chewed through my restraints, I ventured into a local quilting store (The Whole Nine Yards) and came home with a new project. Mind you, I don't quilt. I barely sew. Well, I can sew...but can I sew well? Yes, but only when the sewing machine cooperates and doesn't jam up after the first 4 inches or so. I am famous for jamming the machine and haven't a clue how it happens.

Anyway....look at the ADORABLE kitty fabric I found and a pattern for a zippered tote-style handbag!!! The fabric in the upper right (which is actually a burnt orange color) is the base fabric for the bag...the beige fabric with kitty motif is the liner...the blue stripey stuff will be the handles...and the big kitties will end up pieced on the outside of the bag as the pockets. (am I a loony, or what?? as if i'll ever find time to make this...)

In other news, the crafting area is almost completely tidied and ready for use. I rechristened it "the Studio" in the hope that it might inspire me to use it more often. I've been so wrapped up in my organizational projects that I have ignored the fun stuff. One step at a time I guess...we have to walk before we can run....and I wanna run WITH scissors!


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