Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Orchids for Christmas

Orchids for Christmas??? Absolutely!
The client asked for traditional Christmas colors. She didn't specify traditional Christmas flowers!

I just love it when the client gives me leeway and lets me come up with my own vision. It's very confining when the customer dictates the style, flowers, colors and size of the arrangement when I have something completely different in mind. In fact, if I have a pre-conceived idea of what the design should be, the more difficult it is for me to execute the design. I really prefer to just go where the floral muse takes me at any moment in time.

This arrangement went to a repeat customer who has been super supportive not only in commissioning pieces from me (...and she wants another piece after the holiday bustle is over!!) but also in promoting me to her friends in the area. Ah, yes...the joy of word of mouth advertising!

On a different note....if you enjoy completely irreverant humor, check out the Lego Advent escapades over at No Appropriate Behavior. It's "Lego City Advent Calendar" vs. "Lego Belville Advent Calendar." Very funny stuff! I've been waiting all year for this!!! :)

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