Sunday, May 18, 2008

Creative Challenge

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since January. Jeez, what in the world have I been up to for 4 months???? My PyrShep puppy takes up a bunch of my time, that's for sure! We've been going to obedience training with the ultimate goal of participating in agility trials. It's a lot of work but she's worth it!!!

More recently, Lucy over at Sweet Repeats has challenged me to expand my creative horizons and create a collage!! This is well outside my usual artistic pursuits and, truth be told, I'm really enjoying it! I should have taken pictures from the start but I just get so anxious to add more stuff that I forget. Now, it's not anywhere near completed but I did manage to stop for a nano-second to scan my collage so that the world can see my baby-steps :) More pix to come as I figure out what I'm doing!

Presenting "Edge of the Atlantic" for your consideration & critique.......



Blogger Lucy said...

I'm so proud of my student!! This piece is even more lovely and intriguing in person!!

Keep creating!!

5/21/08, 11:00 PM  

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